Social Justice

Five Ways Human Rights Help The Fight For Social Justice

Social justice basically means justice in terms of wealth, opportunities and the privileges received within a society.  Most often this is seen to be achieved through institutions which work to make sure that people can have equal access to benefits of aiming to guard against socio-economic inequality. Social justice and human rights although are two different concepts they are very closely linked. These laws generally include social and cultural rights which can help ensure that your right to health is maintained. Also, the security right helps maintain your unemployments and educations values which can help make sure that you can make full effect of the advantages the human rights provide you. There are many domestic laws which aims to help ensure that people enjoy opportunities equally.  In this article, we will be discussing the way human rights help achieve social justice.

Promotion of Equality

Social justice and human rights share the same goals like human dignity, equality. There are certain issues such as poverty, exclusion and discrimination which can make it difficulty to achieve or apply them in real life. But, human rights can still help fight indignity as the right to health can give you a secured way to help respecting human dignity.

Anti discrimination

While promoting equality the human rights can help ensure that one can be protected from the injustice that is cause on the basis characteristics. Some of the major discrimination that we are faced by today in our daily life includes sex, race, religion, politics and sexual orientation. If a person faces bias due to the reasons mentioned above it is an injustice which violates human rights.

Welfare systems

There is a long and proud standing tradition which can help provide financial support to the citizen that are unable to meet their basic needs. These systems include the NHS. housing support and other disabilities allowance. Human right in a sense is a part of safety net which can help accommodate the state provided adoption which can make sure that the needs of the disabled member is looked after.

Employment rights

Employment rights

Equal distribution of the wealth is the corner stone of social justice. Equal sharing of wealth is enhanced which can help give them opportunity for employment. There laws protect workers which can help ensure that the health standards are maintained which includes things like equal pay, working hour limitations and the freedom to join the trade unions.

Government accountability

Human rights provide a legal framework which allows the individual to hold the government accountable which requires one to create conditions which are necessary to achieve social justice. This generally starts with understanding your rights which can help you get the right understanding your rights.


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