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Solo tripping can be intimidating and simply overwhelming. The fact that there will be no people that are familiar to you throughout the process of the trip is like the absence of an otherwise present safety net. However, travelling alone can be empowering and everyone must experience travelling alone leaving aside the reasons to be frightened or worried. Here are a few 12joker tips for anyone that’s trying a solo trip for the first time.


  1. Start with a small trip

It is always safe to kick start the solo tripping streak with trips of small durations. Two to four days is an ideal duration for a first solo trip. By doing this, you allow yourself the option to quit the trip if it gets too overwhelming or difficult to continue, without losing out on much of the expenses and time gathered into the trip.  And in the case that the trip goes well, you can plan your next trip for a longer time now that you have gained confidence to travel alone.


  1. Do not pack too much

Be precise with all the items and clothes you choose to take along with you. You won’t have anybody to assist you with carrying your things around. Having a lot to haul around with you can add to feeling of tiredness. Keep in mind, you don’t require as a lot of stuff as you might believe you do. In spite of your feelings of trepidation, voyaging solo isn’t generally any more troublesome than going with another person.


  1. Take smart safety decisions

Continuously keep a business card from your inn or hotel with you. On the off chance that they don’t have business cards, have the name, address and telephone number recorded on a bit of paper. In the event that you ever get genuinely lost, you can discover a taxi to take you back. It’s a fact that you won’t have somebody there to pay special mind to you, however acknowledging you can pay special mind to yourself is amazing.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings

On the off chance that you feel awkward, pivot. If you feel like somebody is tailing you, go into a shop or eatery where there will be other individuals around. In any case, if it’s not too much trouble recall, things like this infrequently occur, so make an effort not to be jumpy. it is significant for you to keep somebody dependable refreshed about your whereabouts and plans.

  1. Be responsible with yourself

Each place has something fascinating to offer which could get you to be high. Be it some great liquor or some drug that the place is famous for. Be wise about your vices and take affordable decisions. It’s a smart thought not to get excessively drunk in any new place your travelling to from your initial place of stay.


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