5 Travel Myths

Myth #1: Street food makes you sick.

Going to a different country and eating their food means your stomach might face a few troubles. Diverse cuisine indicates it’s far off from your usual staple. So there’s as much chance of getting sick at a 5-star restaurant as there is with street food. You only need to follow a few rules for yourself while venturing out. Go to the most popular ones instead of something out of a back alleyway. If it is deep-fried or pan-fried, that’s a double bonus http://jk96win.com/slot/. If the food is sitting under direct sunlight, avoid. And make sure you see the food is cooking in front of you and are not ready-made.

Myth #2: Travel is more expensive during the holidays.

While flight costs may hike up due to high demand and speculative pricing, it is not right of the entire spectrum of travel services. Hotel Joker 96 pricing can be unexpectedly affordable. This choice of pricing is because business travel is close to non-existent, and hotels are hard at work to fill the vacancy. There will be a lot of sales to look for, especially when the holidays are imminent as there are preparing for this drastic fall in hotel-stays. Europe can be a bargain because people there tend not to travel as widely during the holidays.


Myth #3: “All-inclusive” actually means “all-inclusive”.

Beware of products that claim that the price you see first is “all-inclusive”. These words are more often than not meant to attract more customers. Make sure you read the fine print and call a customer service representative to confirm the actual costs before clicking “book“.  There are additional fees that can get added later on, and you will have no one but yourself to blame for not checking beforehand. These include out-of-pocket expenses, service charges and local taxes to name a few. It won’t be a great feeling to find out only when you see the final bill.


Myth #4: When you get bumped from your flight or when there are cancellations, you will get free vouchers and other perks.

Airlines are not required to reimburse when there are flight scheduling complications. They are only required to give you compensation in the case where there’s been overbooking. While you are still entitled to ask for a refund when there are cancellations caused by mechanical issues, weather delays or other factors outside of the airline’s control, amenities like free meals or hotel stays are not mandated.

Myth #5:  The Northern Lights are seen only in Iceland.

You don’t have to book a trip to Iceland if your only goal is to see the Northern Lights. You can see these beautiful electrically charged displays of nature in high-latitude regions where there is minimal artificial light. Alaska, Finland, Norway and Canada have these Northern Lights too.

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