We Love & Support Herman Bell

We are trying to connect all the Herman Bell supporters here.


Herman Bell was falsely convicted of a murder and we want to make sure that our voices is heard which can help him start a life.

The Case

We can help you put for the case and let you to decide the course of action.


We want to show we as a community we can bring a change in a man’s life.

Parole Efforts

Parole can effect a person many different ways where he can get the chance to start his life from scratch.

Case Synopsis

There are many various of the case out there but we are trying to bring you the truth. Herman Bell was a man who was falsely convicted to a crime that he did not do. He had to spend 40 years of his life in prison even with all of the proof hinting against him.

Our Mission

This website has been created and is maintained by the family & friends of US Political Prisoner Herman Bell to connect Herman to all his supporters and provide information and raise awareness about his case, movement and parole campaign to secure his freedom bringing him home to his family where he belongs.

What Supporters Say

I was not aware of this case but when I head of this case I wanted to do something to make a change.
Danille T. Manzano
I can say I am proud that our legal system release him but the 40 years cannot be returned.
Michael L. Miller
I am trying to do my bit being the citizen of this country where a man is convicted for a false crime.
Wayne C. Mertens

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How to Make an Online Casino Promotion a Success

How to Make an Online Casino Promotion a
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Impact of smart technology on your life

Impact of smart technology on your life

Technology becomes an immense part of a person’s personal and professional multi business system life. People always want to get the most current technology to enjoy a smooth and comfortable life. Whether at your home or your workplace, there are lots of benefits you can get by using smart technology devices. 

Technology is going on increasing from the past few years and it brings several tools for analyzing, tracking, and generating your data and information in an effective manner that you cannot imagine. In the past few years, increasing technology brings several benefits to people to make their life smooth and comfortable. Nowadays, you can see lots of innovations in technology that can help you to fulfil all your needs in an effective manner. 

How does smart technology impacts your life?

The new technology can bring lots of changes that have a great impact on your daily life. Apart from the personal benefits, there are lots of tools and gadgets of smart tech that can bring advantages for the economic development of the country. The development comprehensive business system technology can also bring a variety of discovering and innovations for people that can change their life in a complete manner and allow them to live their life in a comfortable and convenient way. In addition to this, there are lots of smart tech gadgets and high quality devices available these days that you can easily connect to the internet and able to communicate and connect with people far away from you. The smart technology devices do not only bring entertainment options for you but they can help you to monitor your health on a daily basis so that you do not have to face any health regarding issues. 

The smart technology devices do not only beneficial for the personals purpose but there are lots of companies and organizations available that use high technology to gain profit and growth in the market. Using smart technology devices can have a great impact on your business and it can allow you to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your employees to gain higher profit. As you know technology can bring several benefits to you but it is important for you to choose the right gadget or smart tech device that can help you to fulfill your needs in an effective manner without having any kind of issues and problem. Here are some benefits that you can get through smart technology devices in your business:

  • If you use new and advanced technology devices in your business then you will be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of your customers in an effective manner. It can allow you to communicate with your customers without having any issues and you will be able to solve all the issues for better growth. 
  • Implementing new technology can help you to prevent your business from any potential financial loss in an effective manner. The smart tech gadgets do not make any error and assure you to provide you high quality and accurate data to make proper analysis so that you can prevent your business from any loss. 

How Poker Affect The Life Of People

How Poker Affect The Life Of People

A group of cards that includes a different kind of skills is known as poker, it required at least 2 members to start the game, highly depend on the luck as well as the skill of the person playing this game. Somehow, it counted as a gambling game also. As per the vast increasing internet technology in the world has taken online gambling in winbet2u at a different level.

Benefits of playing online Poker

One of the greatest benefits of playing online poker is that one can play it anywhere just required internet connection and computer/laptop. Just by a few seconds, one can start their table anywhere of poker in the world of online gaming. It just asked for some fees to which way more lesser than real poker at casino. There are many sites available for playing online poker which is not counted under gambling and also some sites offer bonuses that attract peoples to go for online poker games. It’s a fun game if you are a serious player, one can become boss of their money no other can control them eventually one can get meet up through poker with their future partner, business partner while interacting with new peoples.



Disadvantages of playing Poker

Problems faced by players in both games while online are vast. While playing games at casinos – took a lot of time, travel costs, the crowd in the casino distract the mind. On another hand, in online poker one of the biggest disadvantages is players will be unable to see the reaction and action their opponent.

Addiction towards poker

It becomes easy to get addicted to Poker in many ways, the game is available from anywhere either your office or home or your travel to the casino. People do find it so hard to keep themselves away from not playing it again and again. Well, the game is about skill but also about money and money is the most attractive thing that lets players make them available for playing Poker. Players start playing it more than their capacity due to losses and defeats they got in their earlier games. By playing it in such a manner people get addicted to it and suffer from several health issues like depression, headache, anxiety, etc and sometimes even people get detached with their family and relatives too. 

Does Money add value to the Poker?

Yes, money is a way or basic reason for what most of the people do play poker. It adds some excitement in the mind of the player for playing poker. But one should always play in such amount of money that they can afford to lose. Because betting a lot of money and losing it at the same time can make you get tensed if you are not stable to get over that loss. But somewhere it’s a great game for smart and serious players to earn money in a lilt span of time sometimes even more than their monthly income. 

By playing this game in a skillful manner one does get winning attitudes that add benefits to their future playing in poker. So, that’s how to play poker online 

Things You Should Do Before You Travel Abroad

Things To Know

Speaking from personal experience, travelling abroad has always been one of the most exciting things for me. It will actually end up being the highlight of my entire year because of how excited I would be and also because of how pumped I normally am to explore an unknown and never-been-before country. I will always have a very special place in my heart for most of the countries that I have travelled to because I have certainly had an amazing time in most of them.

You too will definitely be excited because you will be heading to a very exotic location, probably and that locale will undoubtedly be perfect for your next vacation. If you want to have a worry-free and stress-free time, there are some things that you should do before you even leave. Make sure that you do your best play mats for floor to follow this checklist because I have made sure that I have included everything that needs to be done before you travel abroad.

  • You should be certain that you passport and all your visas are up to date and valid as well. I have seen instances where people have forgotten to check if their passport was still valid and they have had to cancel their trips because they realized that it was expired too close to their trips and you should know that renewal of your passport would indeed take a few days at least, if not a few weeks.
  • Wherever you are going, you should make sure that it is safe and you should also check all of the advisories and travel warnings as well.

travel warnings

  • If you are deciding to travel to places which are not exactly as clean as your country or maybe you are going to a place where some disease is rampant, you should be sure that you take the right vaccinations for it and also all the right kind of medications for it.
  • You should register your trip. You can put in your itinerary and in case of any emergencies they will know where you are. Registration is free, indeed.
  • You should make sure that your wallet is stocked full of the currency of the country that you are travelling to. You should also make sure that your wallet stays on your person at all times, and you should also be aware of its presence. There are chances that it could get stolen and that is why you should have some emergency cash in some of your bags.
  • Pack appropriately. Do not pack too many clothes and vice versa. You should also pack according to the weather of the place you are visiting.


5 Travel Myths

Myth #1: Street food makes you sick.

Going to a different country and eating their food means your stomach might face a few troubles. Diverse cuisine indicates it’s far off from your usual staple. So there’s as much chance of getting sick at a 5-star restaurant as there is with street food. You only need to follow a few rules for yourself while venturing out. Go to the most popular ones instead of something out of a back alleyway. If it is deep-fried or pan-fried, that’s a double bonus http://jk96win.com/slot/. If the food is sitting under direct sunlight, avoid. And make sure you see the food is cooking in front of you and are not ready-made.

Myth #2: Travel is more expensive during the holidays.

While flight costs may hike up due to high demand and speculative pricing, it is not right of the entire spectrum of travel services. Hotel Joker 96 pricing can be unexpectedly affordable. This choice of pricing is because business travel is close to non-existent, and hotels are hard at work to fill the vacancy. There will be a lot of sales to look for, especially when the holidays are imminent as there are preparing for this drastic fall in hotel-stays. Europe can be a bargain because people there tend not to travel as widely during the holidays.


Myth #3: “All-inclusive” actually means “all-inclusive”.

Beware of products that claim that the price you see first is “all-inclusive”. These words are more often than not meant to attract more customers. Make sure you read the fine print and call a customer service representative to confirm the actual costs before clicking “book“.  There are additional fees that can get added later on, and you will have no one but yourself to blame for not checking beforehand. These include out-of-pocket expenses, service charges and local taxes to name a few. It won’t be a great feeling to find out only when you see the final bill.


Myth #4: When you get bumped from your flight or when there are cancellations, you will get free vouchers and other perks.

Airlines are not required to reimburse when there are flight scheduling complications. They are only required to give you compensation in the case where there’s been overbooking. While you are still entitled to ask for a refund when there are cancellations caused by mechanical issues, weather delays or other factors outside of the airline’s control, amenities like free meals or hotel stays are not mandated.

Myth #5:  The Northern Lights are seen only in Iceland.

You don’t have to book a trip to Iceland if your only goal is to see the Northern Lights. You can see these beautiful electrically charged displays of nature in high-latitude regions where there is minimal artificial light. Alaska, Finland, Norway and Canada have these Northern Lights too.


Solo Travel

Solo tripping can be intimidating and simply overwhelming. The fact that there will be no people that are familiar to you throughout the process of the trip is like the absence of an otherwise present safety net. However, travelling alone can be empowering and everyone must experience travelling alone leaving aside the reasons to be frightened or worried. Here are a few 12joker tips for anyone that’s trying a solo trip for the first time.


  1. Start with a small trip

It is always safe to kick start the solo tripping streak with trips of small durations. Two to four days is an ideal duration for a first solo trip. By doing this, you allow yourself the option to quit the trip if it gets too overwhelming or difficult to continue, without losing out on much of the expenses and time gathered into the trip.  And in the case that the trip goes well, you can plan your next trip for a longer time now that you have gained confidence to travel alone.


  1. Do not pack too much

Be precise with all the items and clothes you choose to take along with you. You won’t have anybody to assist you with carrying your things around. Having a lot to haul around with you can add to feeling of tiredness. Keep in mind, you don’t require as a lot of stuff as you might believe you do. In spite of your feelings of trepidation, voyaging solo isn’t generally any more troublesome than going with another person.


  1. Take smart safety decisions

Continuously keep a business card from your inn or hotel with you. On the off chance that they don’t have business cards, have the name, address and telephone number recorded on a bit of paper. In the event that you ever get genuinely lost, you can discover a taxi to take you back. It’s a fact that you won’t have somebody there to pay special mind to you, however acknowledging you can pay special mind to yourself is amazing.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings

On the off chance that you feel awkward, pivot. If you feel like somebody is tailing you, go into a shop or eatery where there will be other individuals around. In any case, if it’s not too much trouble recall, things like this infrequently occur, so make an effort not to be jumpy. it is significant for you to keep somebody dependable refreshed about your whereabouts and plans.

  1. Be responsible with yourself

Each place has something fascinating to offer which could get you to be high. Be it some great liquor or some drug that the place is famous for. Be wise about your vices and take affordable decisions. It’s a smart thought not to get excessively drunk in any new place your travelling to from your initial place of stay.


Five Ways Human Rights Help The Fight For Social Justice

Social Justice

Social justice basically means justice in terms of wealth, opportunities and the privileges received within a society.  Most often this is seen to be achieved through institutions which work to make sure that people can have equal access to benefits of aiming to guard against socio-economic inequality. Social justice and human rights although are two different concepts they are very closely linked. These laws generally include social and cultural rights which can help ensure that your right to health is maintained. Also, the security right helps maintain your unemployments and educations values which can help make sure that you can make full effect of the advantages the human rights provide you. There are many domestic laws which aims to help ensure that people enjoy opportunities equally.  In this article, we will be discussing the way human rights help achieve social justice.

Promotion of Equality

Social justice and human rights share the same goals like human dignity, equality. There are certain issues such as poverty, exclusion and discrimination which can make it difficulty to achieve or apply them in real life. But, human rights can still help fight indignity as the right to health can give you a secured way to help respecting human dignity.

Anti discrimination

While promoting equality the human rights can help ensure that one can be protected from the injustice that is cause on the basis characteristics. Some of the major discrimination that we are faced by today in our daily life includes sex, race, religion, politics and sexual orientation. If a person faces bias due to the reasons mentioned above it is an injustice which violates human rights.

Welfare systems

There is a long and proud standing tradition which can help provide financial support to the citizen that are unable to meet their basic needs. These systems include the NHS. housing support and other disabilities allowance. Human right in a sense is a part of safety net which can help accommodate the state provided adoption which can make sure that the needs of the disabled member is looked after.

Employment rights

Employment rights

Equal distribution of the wealth is the corner stone of social justice. Equal sharing of wealth is enhanced which can help give them opportunity for employment. There laws protect workers which can help ensure that the health standards are maintained which includes things like equal pay, working hour limitations and the freedom to join the trade unions.

Government accountability

Human rights provide a legal framework which allows the individual to hold the government accountable which requires one to create conditions which are necessary to achieve social justice. This generally starts with understanding your rights which can help you get the right understanding your rights.


Top Political Prisoners That One Must Know About

Kim Dae-jung:

The term politics might not agree with everyone on Earth. It has danger associated with it as the path is not always easy for people who choose to foray into the realm of politics. Naturally, several individuals who ventured into politics had to suffer the ramifications, and one the ugliest of those are to be thrown in a jail. In this article, we shall look into some of these political prisoners and try to understand the lives they had.

Kim Dae-jung:

Kim Dae-jung struggled all his life for the cause of democracy and human rights, until he was brought in power finally. However, his reign was short-lived as he was kidnapped from a hotel room in Tokyo, by the members of KICA. He was later brought to his Seoul residence but placed under house-arrest there too. Life for him had never been easy.

Yasser Arafat:

Yasser Arafat:

Yasser Arafat is probably the only person on the list who has been able to inspire hate and reverence alike. It is quite a challenging affair to place him in any one watertight compartment when it comes to judging what he had done in his lifetime. Yasser Arafat led his people with wisdom and diplomacy. But, he still fell short in some places which led to his eventual doom.

Xanana Gusmao:

Xanana Gusmao was arrested in November, 1992 under charges of subversion and for possessing forearms illegally. Though he spearheaded East Timor’s Independence movement, he could not save the day when it came to his own life. However, one must acknowledge and appreciate his iron will and strength of character that no amount of torture could intimidate or break him. He was abused but he rose stronger.

Mordechai Vanunu:

The man lived his life abiding by principles and working for the cause of his people. But funnily enough, he was arrested for something that had to do nothing with his political career. He was charged for having illicit affairs and this is exactly what led to his doom.

Vaclav Havel:

Vaclav Havel:

A writer of plays, Vaclav Havel went on to become one of the most important political leaders of his country. He changed the fate of his people and brought their plight to light. However, he was arrested and thrown into the prison, from where began a new journey of his- to rewrite the destiny of his people.

Mahatma Gandhi:

Mahatma Gandhi is revered all over the world by the name Bapu and is known to be The Father of The Nation (India). He was arrested several times for his attempts to free India from the tyranny of the British and gain independence. Gandhi’s life is something to be proud of and students learn of him as a part of their curriculum.


The life of all these political leaders only teaches us to be the best version of ourselves and rise above fear and prejudices. There is so much that one can do with life and we should all aspire to lead a life like the ones mentioned above.

Difference Between Communism and Democracy


Communism and Democracy are two political ideologies which can be reflected in the political system which needs to be managed . Both systems are considered to be the left-wing on the political spectrum. They are more liberal in nature which can be the reason for people having a more liberal ideologies. In this article there are certain differences between communism and democracy.


Communism is the government which can help you provide what the people needs and help them advice trough advancements in technologies which everyone will have in abundance. It plays an important role in which is where political ideologies as well as social ones can help dictate the government decisions even in the social establishments. Communism doe snot generally allows you to own anything at all. They consider that everything is public property and the government can take possession of them according to the needs. When it comes to freedom of choice the communists believe that one can through collection of votes and the government leadership on the basis of economic and social and political decisions can be easily dictated. They can also have the right access which can allow them service in universal state which can help ensure that people in needs can rely on them. Religion is one of the most harsh obtained where religion can be abolished in a state. The means of economic productive are held in common with people as well as organised based needs. These individual economic decisions which can help ensure that they are pre-established.


Democracy is where everything is decided by the people and everyone has an equal say in the decision that involve general population. Always the majority will win and everything can be added to it. Democracy is a political ideology which can dictate the form of government to form a social organization that can exist. Generally, in a democratic government personal choice is allowed and also for the most part people have certain limitations and the majority rule government to help maintain the set order and guidelines. When it comes to accessing the right services it varies based on the on the majority rule of government dictates. Religion in the books have the freedom of religion which can also impact the government varies as they can dictate the majority rule. There are some democratic states which do not allow for freedom of religion due to the views of majority.  The economic structure has varying structure depending on the majority of the voters. In democracy often have a form of capitalist free market which can put a lot of restrictions in place. This can be deemed inappropriate by a lot of majority of the elected government.





For Chokwe

My dear brother, you know the kind of hell we black people were born into in america, and we were not among the first of our people to arrive here. My mind’s eye can still see the chains on their hands and feet, and smell the fetid air wafting from the holds of the slave ships that brought them to these shores to be bought and sold and owned as chattel, to fetch and carry as ordered.

My dear brother, you knew our story well. America the beautiful, home of the brave, land of liberty – but not for you and not for me. The journey of the descendants of those who arrived here in chains has been a thorny one. From plantation to ghetto; meeting Gabriel, Harriet, Nat, Malcolm, and Martin along the way – and let us not forget Fannie Lou, Stokeley, Huey, Assata, and all the rest. It seems that we’ve not been allowed to catch our breath.

In our going forward, it’s no secret that the opposition has been stiff, brutal, and unrelenting. We remember too well the old Jim Crow vagrancy laws that effectively re-enslaved our people throughout the segregated South. Today’s mass-incarceration policy achieves the same results. And need we be reminded of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Jordan Davis, Stop-and-Frisk.

The fight for social justice has always remained a big part of your life, Chokwe. You’ve stood your ground along with us, paced yourself with us, knowing full well that the race goes not to the swiftest. You’ve all too frequently laid down your lawyering game in defending us in Mr. Gilmore’s and his son Cockeye Jr’s courtroom. Won some, lost some, but always aggressively in the fray.

You were popularly elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, a crowning achievement in the land of Dixie. You did us proud. For we could well imagine your agenda. Oh my dear brother, just as you had gained your second wind, news of your passing devastated us all. Thy will be done is how the old saying goes. Thy will be done!

As we gaze upon the distant horizon, my brother, we see as you did that so very much is left to be done. You did your part as best as you could, and in our honoring you and those who came before us, we must do ours. Thus we say All Power to the People. Your place in our hearts is well secured, Chokwe.

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